Klimt-Villa Chamber Music Festival in Vienna

Juan Carlos joins Aron Quartett for playing Shostakovich Piano Quintet. Gustav Klimt’s works have become part of an international round of motifs. His studio, from 1911 until his death in 1918, was in what is now known as the Klimt Villa in Vienna where there is a permanent exhibition. -MORE INFO

Catalunya Música

Juan Carlos presents a new album CD released by Naxos and dedicated to Muzio Clementi at “Assaig General” - Catalunya Música, the radio magazine about classical music actuality. The pianist is interviewed by Albert Torrens and talks about this new recording. -PODCAST

Clementi Keyboard Sonatas & Fantasia


Muzio Clementi’s legacy to pianists is recognised as highly significant for his introduction of a new virtuosity and exploration of the possibilities of the then recently invented fortepiano. His three Sonatas, Op. 23 were published in London in 1790, their style reflecting Haydn’s tremendous popularity in the city at that time. The later Sonata, Op. 34 offers more dramatic contrast, sparkling with chains of thirds, hand- crossing and much use of octaves, comparable resources also being explored in the Fantasia con variazioni on the familiar song ‘Au clair de la lune’. -NAXOS WEBSITE

Auditori Pau Casals

The pianist born in Cádiz offers a piano recital at Auditori Pau Casals.
Date will be announced as soon as possible. -MORE INFO

Master Classes in Vienna

On February 2016, Juan Carlos will offer Master Classes at the prestigious AMADEUS Vienna Academy. The AMADEUS Vienna Academy develops young artists aiming at a professional career and recognises the needs of highly talented students by supporting them on a highly individual path into an inspirational environment. -MORE INFO

Catalunya Música

The pianist presents the Complete Piano Works by Falla at “Notes de Clàssica” - Catalunya Música, the radio magazine about classical music actuality. Juan Carlos is interviewed by Albert Torrens and talks about his new CD recording edited by Paladino Music label. -PODCAST

CD Presentation. Falla Complete Piano Music

The pianist Juan Carlos Rodríguez shows his new recording proyect dedicated to the piano works by Manuel de Falla, edited by Paladino Music label. Gonzalo Pérez Chamorro, editor of RITMO Magazine, presents this special release. -MORE INFO

Great Success in Japan

Juan Carlos has made his debut in Japan at Fantastic Pianists Series 2014, performing in the following Concert Halls: Toppan Hall in Tokyo, The Phoenix Hall in Osaka and Denki Bunka Kaikan Hall in Nagoya. During his Japan Piano Tour he offered Piano Master Classes and a Lecture-Perfomance about Spanish Music at University of the Arts in Aichi. -MORE INFO

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Ritmo Magazine

RITMO Magazine publishes a complete interview about the pianist Juan Carlos Rodríguez and his Schumann CD recording for Naxos label, as well as other aspects of his musical live.

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Haydn and Brahms in Berlin

A new piano recital at Piano Salon Christophori in Berlin where the pianist performs sonatas by Haydn and Brahms’ Variations on a theme by Händel. Written in a single stretch in September 1861, the work is dedicated to a "beloved friend", Clara Schumann, widow of Robert Schumann. -KONZERTFLUEGEL

Berlin & Dresden Recitals

Juan Carlos has performed successfully Bach, Haydn, De Falla & Schumann at Piano Salon Christophori in Berlin, offering a piano recital in a unique atmosphere, a place where the musical culture comes into direct contact with the audience.

During his visit to Dresden, the pianist offered to the audience the same piano recital at Festsaal im Coselpalais, where the audience warmly welcomed his performance. The Coselpalais an der Frauenkirche was built in 1762 by Julius Heinrich Schwarze. This magnificent building in Rococo style provides a fantastic setting for concerts and culture events. Robert & Clara Schumann played there.

The Golden Book of Music in Spain

Juan Carlos appears in The Golden Book of Music in Spain - 20th Anniversary, a mirror of today's music with information about numerous orchestras, institutions, festivals and competitions that enhance classical music. It is a tool for consulting and disseminating with contributes the musicians and orchestras to reach a greater presence and recognition in its field of activity. -MORE INFO

Back to Vienna

The Spanish pianist returns to Vienna on February 2017 for chamber music rehearsals with works by Johannes Brahms.

Piano Recital in Almería

Organized by Philharmonic Society in Almería, Spain, Juan Carlos performs a piano recital with works by Haydn & De Falla. -MORE INFO

Diario de Sevilla & El Correo

"Falla holds the Spanish Music with extraordinary elegance".
The pianist born in Cádiz, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, has recorded for the Austrian label Paladino Music the complete piano works by Manuel de Falla.

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Radio Clásica RNE

Juan Carlos is interviewed by the program “La Dársena”, Radio Clásica - RNE, a cultural radio magazine about classical music. Directed and presented by Jesús Trujillo (6.25 - 4:30 pm). The pianist born in Cádiz presents his third CD Album, dedicated to the complete piano works by Manuel de Falla. -PODCAST

Ritmo Magazine

RITMO Magazine publishes in June an interesting interview about the new CD recording dedicated to Falla's Complete Piano Music, edited by Paladino Music label and performed by the pianist Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

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On Schumann's Piano Music

Schumann’s Four Fugues, Op 72 were written during a period of ill-health in 1845 but these masterly pieces reveal nothing of his private turmoil. The Album für die Jugend followed in 1848. In this recording we hear the alternative version of Wilder Reiter (The Wild Rider), with its slightly more ambitious ending, as well as those pieces Schumann excised from the first edition. The Revolutionary year of 1849 brought resurgence in his creativity in the form of the Four Marches, Op 76 which are imbued with a martial spirit. The Albumblatt: Ahnung (Album Leaf: Foreboding) was only rediscovered in 2007. -MORE INFO

Chosen among best recordings of the year 2013 by RITMO Magazine & Forum Clásico.