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Juan Carlos presents a new album CD released by Naxos and dedicated to Muzio Clementi at “Assaig General” - Catalunya Música, the radio magazine about classical music actuality. The pianist is interviewed by Albert Torrens and talks about this new recording.

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Berlin & Dresden Recitals

Juan Carlos has performed successfully Bach, Haydn, De Falla & Schumann at Piano Salon Christophori in Berlin, offering a piano recital in a unique atmosphere, a place where the musical culture comes into direct contact with the audience.

During his visit to Dresden, the pianist offered to the audience the same piano recital at Festsaal im Coselpalais, where the audience warmly welcomed his performance. The Coselpalais an der Frauenkirche was built in 1762 by Julius Heinrich Schwarze. This magnificent building in Rococo style provides a fantastic setting for concerts and culture events. Robert & Clara Schumann played there.

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Clementi · Keyboard Sonatas & Fantasia

Muzio Clementi’s legacy to pianists is recognised as highly significant for his introduction of a new virtuosity and exploration of the possibilities of the then recently invented fortepiano. His three Sonatas, Op. 23 were published in London in 1790, their style reflecting Haydn’s tremendous popularity in the city at that time. The later Sonata, Op. 34 offers more dramatic contrast, sparkling with chains of thirds, hand- crossing and much use of octaves, comparable resources also being explored in the Fantasia con variazioni on the familiar song ‘Au clair de la lune’.

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Japan Piano Tour.

Piano Recital. Berlin, Germany.

Piano Recital. Auditori Pau Casals. El Vendrell, Spain.

Piano Recital. Cádiz, Spain.



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"Very Interpretive, Very Appropriate, Very Spirited"

"Maestro Rodríguez does a wonderful service with his beautifully idiomatic renditions."
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

"Solider Technik"

"Zwischen dem noch an Chopin erinnernden frühen Stücken und den persönlicheren späten Werken zeigt Rodríguez stilgetreu den Weg des Komponisten nach. Rodríguez spielt mit solider Technik, und die Toningenieure haben ebenfalls eine gute Arbeit geleistet, was dieses Nischenrepertoire deutlich aufwertet."
Pizzicato Magazine

"Superb Piano Sound"

"Rodríguez's playing is exemplary. It is beautifully crafted, sensitively shaped and clearly shows a great empathy for the composer's style."
Music Web International

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